Why choose Southcoast International University?


At Southcoast International University, you enjoy both portability and accessibility. You can study fat your convenience; from home or work or even on the move; on paper, on screen, online and on mobile devices. Our flexibility extends to study times as well as you choose when to study, you can choose the duration of your studies.

Various Options

Our qualifications range from undergraduate through to PhDs. There’s a variety of level & specialisation you can choose. In addition, you’re free to inter-transfer your credits. For example, you might start studying for Human Resource but halfway through the course decide you’d like to switch to Marketing. If so, we’ll transfer your study credits accordingly.

Digital Technologies

We’re dedicated to offering you a flexible higher education, wherever you are in the world. Since our beginning in the 90's, we’ve been the preferred distance learning providers by many and have moved with time through the use of digital technology. Away with conventional learning, we've moved towards a fully integrated digital learning system.